Why Is My Instagram Engagement So Bad 2022


Why is my Instagram story engagement so low? Feel like every post is flopping at moment ? Feeling out of touch with your audience?

Or like no one’s listening to what you have to say any more? 

When you post a story or a feed post are you just met with.... crickets? 

Here’s what to do ?

1) Realign with your niche, purpose and ideal audience

It’s so easy to fall a little off track with who you are and what you do

You may find yourself unsure of what value your content is actually having

Or who it’s really for

Go back to basics and rethink EVERYTHING

Get SUPER CLEAR on who you are, what you do, and who you do it for (it might have changed since the last time you checked!)


Do not, and I repeat, do NOT get hungry for new followers !

Now is NOT the time to throw more bait into the Instagram sea when the little follower fishies you already have are starving!

Nurture your existing audience !

Make sure you show up for them, interact with them, that they know who you are and that their problems have been met.

Focus deeply on the followers you already have around for the next few weeks - when you feel like you have reconnected then you can shift more energy to finding new community members.

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