Increase instagram engagement 2022


 How to increase instagram engagement organically ? Want more engagement on your post? Then you gotta start putting more effort into your captions!

Not only they allow you to provide extra values, share your story and push the readers to taking the action you want them to take.. is also how you train them to consume everything you put out!

The more time they spend on reading your stuffs, the more likely they are continue to read!

And so when it comes for you to ask for big favor, they are more likely to move as well because they already have established relationship with you .

Instagram reels is the only way to grow !

Is it TRUE that reels is the only way to grow?

Absolutely not!

I was able to reach 1.1 million accounts in the past 30 days but most of my reach actually came from carousels 

However, I do enjoy creating reels.

Because it allows me to reach wider groups of audience and deliver values in a different way 🙌

I used to hate doing reels when I thought that doing those funny trends is the only way to grow with reels.

Not true of course 

You can do it your own way, your own style or even without showing face if you aren't comfortable with it.

Adapting is the key for you to keep growing in long term on Instagram or any other platforms ✅

You can't deny that reel is the hottest format right now and it is really on you to adapt or stay the same place.

But if you really are going to do it, make sure you do it in a way that resonates with you, your personality and branding.

What is better quality or quantity

Most creators will tell you to focus on quality and not quantity.

And that actually becomes one of the BIGGEST reason why most people aren't getting result with their content 😥

Because they will spend so much time to perfect one piece of content, adding everything they think are required for it to go well.

And then it BOMBED 💣

They repeat the same process for a few more times, getting the similar result, and they QUIT.

Here's my BEST ADVICE for you to get the same result I have accomplished so far.

Focus on becoming better first before you worry about all the numbers.

The numbers aren't looking good simply because you are NOT GOOD ENOUGH at what you talk about 

And you can only become better at it by increasing your frequency. Putting in more practice hours 

Each piece of content you put out there will enable you to create a better piece in your next.

That is how your quality picks up!

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