How to make about us page in blogger 2022


 One of the most viewed pages on my blog here are my About Us page – this gives me some indication that people reading this blog are a little curious about what this blog is about and who is writing it. This is the case on most of my blogs.

What should an About Us Page include ?

 Blog objectives: Succinctly sum up the point of your blog. What is it about? What will readers gain from it?

 Introduce Yourself: You probably want to keep your introduction down to a short one – but particularly talk about your experience with the topic you’re writing about. Why should they listen to you? What is your context and background?

Introduce Blogging: Depending on your topic you might want to introduce the idea of a blog (or at least link to an article/post about it. Many first time blog readers don’t understand things like categories, comments, RSS etc. Also point them at some good starting points in your blog – key articles etc.

Create about us page blogger

1. Go to Blogger dashboard > Select a blog

2. Next, navigate to Pages section

3. Click the orange New Page icon to create a new page. (Not a post)

Now tell website visitors who you are and why your brand unique, Photos of you/your team, to put a face behind your business And Your business’ core values and beliefs.

Your contact us page for Blogger will look similar to :

I hope you enjoyed this article and learned How do you create an about us pages. Now you can create your own

Best about us page.

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