How to increase the visibility of website


 To increase website visibility on google, follow these four steps to power up your website’s SEO and boost your rank in search engine.

How to increase website visibility on google

1- Research your niche

The first step is to consider your niche and target audience. Identify the search terms (keywords) that customers will use to find your product and service. For first-time website owners, we highly recommend researching relevant phrases (long-tail keywords) to improve search engine rankings faster. The key is finding keywords and phrases with high search volume and low competition to target. 

You can also conduct a competitor analysis to understand how your business rivals satisfy search engines.

2- Optimize your website’s technical SEO details

Enable bots to efficiently load your landing pages by improving your website’s technical aspects. Consider increasing site speed, optimizing images and improving other technical SEO details. To accomplish some of these tasks, you may need to consult a professional technical SEO expert who can put you on the right track for success.

3- Optimize URLs, tags and titles

Boosting traffic shouldn’t end at your homepage – your other landing pages need it, too. Utilize on-page optimization tactics such as adding descriptive alt tags to images and incorporating strategic keyword placement. Ideally, your page URL, post titles, meta description and headings should all contain the keyword or phrase you want each page to rank for. Optimizing individual landing pages increases the possibility of more people discovering your website through blog posts, product pages and other relevant resources on your website.

4- Attract more traffic with quality content

To truly win the organic search visibility game, committing to consistently creating optimized content is a must. Not only does quality content bring real value, but it also gets you noticed, ranking higher and attracting more organic traffic.

A benefit of quality content is that other reputable websites link back to your site from theirs. The best way for this to happen? Creating content on your site that's worth linking to. Keeping your content fresh and valuable while optimizing SEO and keywords will make it easy to earn backlinks, helping you boost your website’s authority and visibility.

5- Localize it

Improve search visibility based on geographic location through local citations, local listings and leveraging your Google My Business profile. This SEO strategy is beneficial for local retail stores, brick-and-mortar stores and restaurants that want to attract customers from nearby communities.

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