How do u make money on instagram without followers 2022


 How to monetize instagram ? In this article you will learn How to make money on Instagram in 4 Proven Ways.

If you want to make Regular Money on Instagram? There’s no right or wrong way to do it, but there are pros and cons.

You can go low ticket, and sell ebooks for example.

Great if you want a hands off approach, but not so great because you need a LOT of traffic and sales to make it work.

You can go higher ticket and look into coaching or consulting.

This is great as it takes less sales and less traffic to make 10k, but it requires more of your time.

Or the final option is to go completely hands on, and do all of the work for your clients.

It’s probably the easiest business model to scale to the moon, but takes the most time and energy to do!

Ultimately it’s your choice, but in my opinion, DWY is the best!

4 ways to make money on instagram 2022

A few months ago I was chatting in the DMs with a close friend on IG…

& we both had noticed this one IG account that had gone from claiming they were closing high-ticket sales with ease…

👻 to ghosting her account without warning & no updates or signs she’ll ever be back.

And between my friend & I - we always thought there was something a bit shady about her account 👀

⚠️ This isn’t to shame her - but it does feel like a bit of a warning sign.

There’s so much pressure to make sales, win big, and be an overnight success in this space…

🙃 On a good day…it causes well-intentioned people to burn out before they’ve gained any traction/consistency.

😬 And on a bad day…it causes people to copy, steal, plagiarize, overpromise & underdeliver - just to try to make something happen for themselves.

The reality is - it takes work to be seen as the expert.

To rack up your own reputation.

To trailblaze your own powerful message. 🔥

It takes time - but if you’re in biz for the long haul, that won’t matter. Because that’s how you build a business that lasts.

That’s how you become known (and TRUSTED) for your expertise.

So if you want to make a dollar - keep sticking with cookie-cutter templates, fill-in-the-blank offers, and mad-libs messaging.

If you want to make a difference - craft your own powerful messaging that shines a light on your expertise, smashes the status quo, and takes a STAND for what you care about.

Because it takes more than updating your IG bio to “XYZ expert” to build a biz that lasts.

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