Content marketing strategy Mistakes to Avoid


 All your content marketing efforts may go in vain if you do the following -

Biggest Content Marketing Mistakes to Avoid

1. Prioritising quantity over quality - Content marketing strategy is valuable to both you and the audience when it provides information above the rest. You could change up the post designs, tone of language or create one piece of content that is researched to its depth.

2. Despite many efforts ROI is decreasing - Whether organic or inorganic marketing, the time and money invested in creating and promoting content should atleast provide the bare minimum results. Try to change your strategies or take in consideration your audience’s pain points to see better results from content marketing.

3. Not setting up end goals - Content marketing growth can only be verified when there are goals. These goals drive a strategic way of doing things which also ensures you’re on the right track to gain results after certain period of time. For instance, content marketing plan for Instagram could be to reach ‘X’ amount of followers under ‘X’ days.


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