Resources to learn SEO from scratch for beginners


 Use these resources to learn SEO from scratch:

1. Ahrefs’ YouTube channel - The guys over at Ahrefs have tons of long length video series to teach you SEO from the basics. Along the way, you’ll also be a pro in using the Ahrefs keyword research tool, which in itself is a skill for an SEO.

2. - This website provides a detailed roadmap to learn the ABC of SEO from scratch all the way to becoming an expert. You’ll find all the free SEO resources you’ll ever need in your learning journey.

3. SEMrush Academy - Enroll in SEMrush’s SEO course and learn SEO from the experts in a detailed yet simple manner.

4. Google’s Webmaster Guidelines - Learn the basics of SEO from the search giant itself. Over the course of time, this guide may become complex but at the end you’ll acquire all the knowledge related to SEO.

5. Backlinko’s Learn SEO Fast - This is particularly a blog post by the founder of Backlinko, Brian Dean. It covers literally all the aspects of SEO in one single page. Perfect way to start your SEO journey.

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