Family travel bloggers Top 10


The amazing family travel blogs listed below! We’ve scoured the interwebs and asked families near and far for their recommendations of family travel blogs to follow and (insert drum roll here) here it is! 

Our official list of best travel blogs for families. You’ll be learning and reading from the best travel resources for families when you review these awesome blogs. 

Top 10 family travel blogs

1. Families Love Travel

One of our favorite family travel blogs is Families Love Travel. Not only is their blog Amazing with a capital A, they also have an phenomenal community on Facebook that is chock full of travel tips, travel questions (and answers), and other like minded family travelers! Their travel blog is searchable by age, interests, and travel destinations. So much great travel information specifically about family travel!

2. Ciao Bambino

Ciao Bambino is a luxury family travel agency. They help you design and plan your dream family vacations! They also have a super helpful travel blog and since they are professional family travel planners, it’s got great content directly from the pros!

3. Baby Can Travel 

We couldn’t agree more! Baby Can Travel is one of the most wonderful family travel blogs encouraging families to travel with baby. They are constantly sharing travel tips and tricks to make it easier! Celine and Dan, and their two baby travelers, explore the world and recap their travels on the blog. Make sure to tag them on Instagram so you can be featured in a post!

4. 2TravelDads

Rob and Chris are the dads behind 2TravelDads and do we love their travel content! They are the “original LGBT family travel blog” and have been travel bloggers for a long time. Their content is super helpful, interesting, and thorough! They also have a travel podcast, a travel book, a travel and parenting newsletter, and more!

Whether you’re searching for United States travel destinations or international destinations, or even local “close to home” trips, make sure to look at their searchable travel guides to learn more about wherever your travel plans take your family. You’ll love all the family travel content they are creating!

5. Kids on a Plane 

Kids on a Plane is focused on teaching children about the world through family travel, food and everyday fun. Cheryl and her family are Toronto based but have travel guides and information for destinations all over the world. We particularly like the Theme Park travel section!

6. The BabyQuip Blog

We are going to shamelessly plug our very own blog because we are pretty darn proud of it! But for reals, we think it’s a wonderful resource for all things family travel related. We are baby gear rental experts after all! So we definitely know a thing or two about family travel. On our blog you’ll find city and destination guides, travel product reviews, travel recommendations, family travel tips and tricks, and more! We are constantly adding travel related content so check back often.

7. Pitstops for Kids

Pitstops for Kids has been around since 2009 and is all about kid friendly travel information. You can find best family destinations, road trip information, family friendly resorts, and city series. We love their road trip guides where you can follow an entire family friendly travel road trip they’ve created! Definitely one of our top choices for must read family travel blogs.

8. Travel Mamas

The name says it all! Travel Mamas is a one stop family travel blog for all things family travel related. With guides, packing tips, travel reviews, travel products, cruise resources, hotel reviews, and so much more, Travel Mamas is a super thorough travel resource for mamas (and papas too!).

9. Travels with Baby

Shelly Rivoli, the trusted travel professional behind Travels with Baby, provides one of the most outstanding travel blogs dedicated to traveling with a baby! From travel gear and products, to travel guidebooks and even printable checklists, this blog is a great source to help you plan family travel with a baby.

10. Tinybeans

Tinybeans (previously Red Tricycle) is a well known publication for more than just travel. They cover all sorts of news, events, and content both nationally and internationally. But they also have a Family Travel blog dedicated to all things family travel! You’ll find lists of family friendly Airbnbs, Disney travel tips, road trip ideas, travel deals, and numerous other travel resources.

WOW! What an amazing list of family travel blogs to keep handy when planning epic family trips. We hope you utilize this list and all the wonderful resources each family travel blog offers. Happy Exploring!

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